Hope Creating Club Planning and Turnover Ceremonies

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by Atty. Sheine Girao-Sapon
What a day for the Rotary Club of Manila South! ❤️
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Today, 15 July 2023, the club had its planning session and turnover ceremonies.
A well-attended event by officers and members of the club, HCP Ambo Mangahas Jr. of RC Aduana de Manila, and Rotaractors from the Manila Business College, the ceremony saw the passing of the baton from Phenomenal Leader President Henry Villa to Hope Creating President Atty. Sheine Girao-Sapon.
PLP Henry briefly discussed the club’s achievements during his incumbency.
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Thereafter, CP Efren Goño delivered a very inspiring message. When the leadership of the club was finally handed over to HCP Sheine, she laid down all her plans to achieve the challenges emphasized by District Gov. Lai De La Cruz. Her discussions were on point and the attendees were one in sharing their excitement for this Rotary Year.
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After the planning session, the attendees were serenaded by renowned violinist Jemay Dadap.
Thank you RCMS! Thank you to all the generous sponsors! ❤️
Together, let’s create hope in the world! ❤️

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