A Way to Rotary Create Hope in the World

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Author: PP Cecille D. Llarita

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Today, July 15, 2023 the RCMS’s club Handover between the Imagine Rotary PLP Henry Villa, and Rotary Create Hope in the World HCP Sheine Girao-Sapon, was conducted in the presence of almost 20 club members and 10 of its Rotaractors, in compliance with the Rotary International’s Leadership Transfer month of July.

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Today too was laid out, the systematic plans of actions and activities, that the club will undertake and those already undertaken, in compliance with the RID 3810 HCDG Lilian Hernandez Dela Cruz challenges for each Rotary Clubs and its Rotarians, to comply with as they work together to make a difference in creating hope in the World.

It is the challenge too, of the RIP Gordon McInally, for the Rotarians all over the world, to continue in making progress in totally eradicating Polio in the World, and making projects that observes Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion, and addressing the mental issue problems that confronts the world today. In these regard, our HCP Sheine, has offered as part of her plans projects that will benefit the third gender communities, as to the observance and protection of their rights, as a part of the society in which we all belong. Further, HCP Sheine sees to it that adequate projects to help address the mental health problems, through proper medical and psychological guidance, will be undertaken through the club initiative to help cure one’s mental health problem caused by the pandemic or other difficulties in life.

Projects that can create hope in the world will surely make a great difference in the world. Our club, the Rotary Club of Manila South, will see to it that through these projects thoroughly planned and systematically done with passion and love, delivered with kindness and good intention of serving humanity and doing good in the world, is a very good start.

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