District Awards 2023

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by PLP Henry Villa

My term as Phenomenal Leader President (PLP) of Rotary Club Manila South (RCMS) is about to end on June 30, 2023.

What a wonderful time to be given an opportunity to lead a vibrant club with service-oriented members? Soon I will be joining its illustrious list of past presidents.

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Last June 17, during the District Awards and Recognition Night, RCMS received the following awards:
A. Phenomenal Leadership Award;
B. Platinum Most Outstanding Phenomenal President;
C. Platinum Most Outstanding Phenomenal Rotary Club;
D. Phenomenal Club In Disease Prevention and Treatment on our Free Cervical Screening Project;
E. Phenomenal Governor’s Distinguised Award in Rotary Foundation;
F. Increase TRF contribution from USD3,000 to USD8,130 this rotary year or an increase or 171% increase;
G. Phenomenal Governor’s Distinguished Award in Vocational Service Activities and Programs;
H. Phenomenal Governor’s Distinguished Award in Club Administration;
I. Phenomenal Governor’s Distinguished Award in Public Image Programs and Activities;
J. Phenomenal Governor’s Distinguished Award in International Service Activities and Support;
K. Phenomenal Governor’s Distinguished Award in Areas of Focus Projects and Activities:
L. Nominated as best district project in 6 out of 7 areas of focus:
L1. Nominated for Peace and Conflict Award for our #project laya wherein our members provided legal assistance in securing the release order of PDLs at Manila City Jail, this project was able to assist 856 PDLs as of this time;
L2. Nominated for Disease Prevention for our Free Cervical Screening Program, it was later declared as the best Disease Prevention in District 3810;
L3. Nominated for Water Sanitation and Hygiene for our “Bokashi Balls” project in Laguna Lake;
L4. Nominated for Maternal and Child Health Award for our New-born Kits project;
L5. Nominated for Economic Community Development Award for our One-Stop Shop for Port Stakeholders thru our launching of website;
L6. Nominated for Supporting the Environment Award for our Rotary Garden in the City project in Brgy. Cupang, Antipolo City.
M. We have completed 15 out of 16 Governor’s Challenge. We could have make it 16/16 but our creation of new club are still awaiting for approval at R.I. It was submitted 2 months ago;
N. An increase of 28 new members, or a net of 24 because 4 members were terminated;
O. Out of 28 new members, 26 of them were recruited/sponsored by PLP Henry R. Villa
P. The biggest recruiter in the District having sponsored 26 for RCMS and 57 for the newly formed daughter club, RC Aduana De Manila, or a total of 83 members;

Noteworthy, I was able to form the biggest club for chartering a new club with 57 charter members.

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Now, let me take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the success of my term as Club President.
First, I would like to thank God for always being on my side during my journey as President of RC Manila South.
To my family, my wife Dahly Manliclic Villa, my daughter Hanceely Villa, my son Hendrex M. Villa and all my relatives, to many to mention.
Of course,the phenomenal governor of District 3810, Gov.
Joyce Ambray and mate FG Hermie Esguerra. To all district officers and support staffs. Special thanks to
Sdg Red Rod for always there taking my best shots.
To all my handsome and beautiful classmates.
To my Team Inspire Family, SDG
Essie Ortiz Villavito , AG Jen Moreno, DAD Cynthia and other officers.
To my clubmates at RCMS lead by CP Atty.
Efren G. Goño and spouse
Lita R. Goño , the handsome PP
Carlo R. Goño , IPP Atty.
Mario Dionisio Jr , SDG
James Jimenez , PP Marilyn Ibarra, PP Ricky Valdes and PP
Jan C. Valdes , PP
Tutchi Galvez Tutica , PP Gil, PE Atty. Sheine Girao-Sapon and Spouse Atty. Fritz Sapon. And our celebrity doctor member, PP Bogs Rivera .
Special mention to PP Cecilia D Larita , for her immerse contribution on our club’s public image, just a mere photo picture nagagawan nya agad ng estorya.
Lastly, I would like to thanks Mang Eloys for my American coat, Ricky Reyes for my hair and make-up, Nessan for my food, and all who have contributed, directly or indirectly, for all the good and positive things we have achieved during my term as Club President.
To all my colleagues and friends in customs brokerage, logistics and supply chain community, thank you po.
This is your PLP Henry Recalde Villa, now singing off.
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