RID 3810 District Handover

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Author: PP Cecille D. Llarita

It is New Year month of July 2023 for the Rotary International. The RY 2023-2024 Imagine Rotary starts July 1. It is time for the changing of the guards of service leadership from the highest to the various Rotary Clubs the world over.

Today July 2, 2023 is the District Handover. Service Leadership from RY 2022-2023 Imagine Rotary under the IPDG Joyce Ambray was handed over to the RY 2023-2024 Rotary Create Hope HCDG Lilian Hernandez Dela Cruz, who was this night inducted to lead the District Rotarians in creating hope that will make a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.

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The Handover is a mandatory District Activity and the District Rotary clubs, through its HCP’s and their Rotarians stand witness to the induction of the new leaders. Our RCMS, duly led by our HCP Sheine Girao-Sapon , her husband Atty. Fritz Sapon with our PLP Henry Villa and other club members, attended this night’s event as a way of club service.

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