Christmas on a New Year’s day- A caravan of service that Create Hope.

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Author: PP Cecilia D. Llarita

July 1, 2023 marks the begining of the new Rotary Year 2023-2024 Otary Create Hope under RIP Gordon McInally and in our RID 3810, HCDG Lilian Hernandez Dela Cruz , takes the service leadership helm.

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To welcome the new Rotary Year, the DG Lilian and her Executive team of Officers with her Hope Creating President, conducted a Service Caravan, aimed to offer the 7 Basic Rotary Services to the lesser ones of our Rotary Community as a way to show love and care that make Rotary Create Hope specially to those marginalized members of our community.

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Our very own Rotary Club of Manila South ‘s HCP Sheine Girao-Sapon , who just arrived a day before the caravan, together with her husband Atty. Fritz Sapon , from a months stay in Australia, dispite their jet lag, did join and participate in the caravan to show our support to the governor and her project of doing good in the world. True to her promise to serve above self in leading our club, HCP Sheine did show by joining the caravan that she is one with the RIP Gordon all the Rotarians of the world to answer this years call for Rotary Create Hope to happen.

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