Supporting Basic Education and Literacy

Basic Education and Literacy Month 3

PP Cecilia Llarita

Every Child has the right to go to school and attain even the basic elementary education or that level of education their parents or in their absence, the state can provide.  Education is a process, a part of a child or of a person’s growth in preparation for a good life. Literacy brings hope to those who are at the bottom of society. It is a necessity in one’s struggle for a better life.   Basic Education and  Literacy is the way towards one’s progress.

For the above reasons, the Rotary Foundation through its Rotary Clubs and its Rotarians, all over the World, make September of each year be dedicated to the Basic Rotary Area of Focus- Basic Education and Literacy Month. Rotary Foundation Supports Basic Education and Literacy projects and activities of its Rotary Clubs for the education of both children and adults, which will help strengthen the capacity of the communities, reduce gender disparity in education and help in adult literacy.  Worldwide, many children, most of whom are girls, do not have access to even the basic education.

Rotary supports education for all children and the increase in adult education by providing tools for learning like books, educational materials for online learning, and other materials needed through online learning that can be of great help to the students in this time of the pandemic.

The RIP Shekhar Mehta, for RY 2021-2022 Serve to Change Lives, in his speech at the International Assembly ’21, emphasized the need for the collective efforts of all Rotarians, to help in Empowering Girls, and to ensure their access to education.  Through inspiring access to education , the future of the girls and the women will be bright and successful.

Basic education and Literacy helps in world understanding and peace too. It helps in achieving world peace.  Proper, relevant, and equitably shared peacegiving information that can touch the mind and heart of the students, when  given through education, and it will surely be the very first step in the attainment of peace and harmony for all.

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