I Can: The Power to Overcome

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The Rotary Club of Manila South is happy to share our collaboration with the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan – Manila, Rotaract Club of United Nations, and Rotaract Club of Manila Business College in “I Can: The Power to Overcome”, a transformative seminar for college students focusing on Time and Stress Management in school.

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This seminar is a vital facet of our broader mental health advocacy, aligning perfectly with the theme of the Rotary Year 2023-2024: “Create Hope in the World.”
📚 Education and mental health are intertwined, and we believe in empowering the next generation with the skills they need to thrive academically and emotionally. Through this seminar, we were able to:
🕒 Equip students with effective time management techniques.
😌 Provide strategies to manage and reduce stress.
🤗 Foster a supportive community that values mental well-being.
By addressing these critical aspects of student life, we aim to create a brighter and more hopeful world.
Let’s come together to make a positive impact on the lives of college students, creating hope one step at a time. 💫❤️
Sheine Girao-Sapon

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