Youth HPV Awareness and Prevention Seminar @ the Philippine College of Advanced Arts and Technology

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The Rotary Club of Manila South, together with the Rotaract Club of Manila Business College and the Inner Wheel Club of Makati held a seminar campaign raising awareness among the youth on sexually transmitted infections ensuring they acquire the knowledge and understanding of HPV awareness, prevention and vaccination.

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The project likewise entails providing FREE HPV vaccination (Gardasil 4) to the first twenty female students below 21 years of age who could provide parental consent. The vaccination will take place at a later time after all subjects are medically cleared by RCMS physician-oncologist Dr Bogs Rivera.  

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Consent forms shall be handed out during the awareness lecture. Vaccination will be scheduled at another time. Where to submit consent shall be in the placed in the form. No consent, no FREE vaccination. Every participant despite being above 18 requires parent approval.


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The Rotary Club of Manila South would like to thank the Philippine College of Advanced Arts and Technology school for their utmost cooperation and especially to Teacher Gabrillo of the Science Department. The same is extended to EndCervicalCancerPH (CerviQ) for their wonderful presentation.


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