Supporting the Environment

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PP Cecilia Larita

It was in May of 2020 when the Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees and the Rotary
International Organization Board of Directors unanimously adopted and approved the service
activity “Supporting the Environment” as an addition to the existing Six Areas of Focus in Basic
Rotary Service.
Supporting the Environment is officially launched this July. Protecting the Environment as a
service activity can be a subject of Global Grant.  Eligibility must conform with the following

 Protecting and restoring coastal marine and fresh water resources
 Enhancing the capacity of the communities to support natural resource management
and conservation
 Supporting sustainable agricultural, fishing and aqua culture practices
 Addressing  causes of climate change by reducing environmental pollution
 Strengthening the eco- system and communities affected by climate change
 Supporting education initiatives that promotes behavior that protects the environment
 Advocating for sustainable consumption  to build an economy that uses resources
 Addressing environmental justiciable issues and public health concerns

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We can address the Support of the Environment with these activities:

 Host a World Environment Day
 Organize a clean-up of our environment
 Measure and improve air quality
 Monitor and improve water quality
 Plant trees and restore forest
 Connect with Nature
 Help a community go solar
 Build a community garden
 Beat plastic pollution
 Reduce our ecological footprint
The world is the only home for all of us.  The protection and conservation of a healthy
environment for all is our concern.  It has an impact on everybody’s lives.  We must work
together to help the only home we all have, the World and its Environment.

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