Save our Furbabies from Rabies

Save our Furbabies from Rabies

The Rotary Club of Manila South, in partnership with REACT PHILS. Taktak GROUP and Barangay 743, Zone 80 Manila, partook in conducting an Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive today, 26 August 2023, Saturday between 8:00 a.m. to 11 a.m., held at the Barangay Hall, Barangay 743 Zone 80 Manila


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Dubbed “Save our Furbabies from Rabies”, the project aims to vaccinate 80-100 cats and dogs in the said barangay.
With this, we can also help prevent the spread and transmission of rabies from animals to humans, thereby saving more lives.

by Fritz Sapon

Protecting our furry friends, one shot at a time 🐾🐶


Grateful for the successful conclusion of the anti-rabies vaccination drive by the Rotary Club of Manila South in partnership with REACT PHILS. Taktak GROUP and Barangay 743, Zone 80, Manila.

We were able to vaccinate more or less 150 cats and dogs. Together, we’re building a safer, healthier community for both pets and humans.

Let’s continue to spread compassion and care! ❤️🌟



Richard D. Valdes
@bdi mariko

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