Rotary’s Garden In the City

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Rotary’s Garden In the City


Protecting the Environment is the latest addition to the Rotary’s Basic Areas of Focus aimed at inspiring Rotarians to conduct worthy club projects that will help save the environment. Today, September 10, 2022, my home club, the Rotary Club Manila South, led by its PLP Henry Villa, conducted a fruit-bearing tree, medicinal plants, and vegetable seeds planting activity in Antipolo City in the desire to make this part of the world we all call home to be clean, green, food and natural medicine sufficient, to ensure that when the proper time comes, the inhabitants of the place of planting, will enjoy the fruits of what was planted, and also enjoy the shades of the trees, to protect them from the sun, and the beauty of the greenery around them, that provides cool and fresh air, that will be very good for health.
On this day of planting activity, once again, unity, friendship, fellowship, and camaraderie among members, through coming together to plant makes a very happy togetherness despite the heavy rains and bad weather. This day also proved that Rotary is a family tied by the common desire to serve above self. Noteworthy to mention is the love for other members of the RCMS family of the Peacebuilder PP Ghene Darlusa, who planted the fruit-bearing trees of those members of the club who were not able to come.

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Imagine a world where love to serve others above self is observed, where family in Rotary work together, and cover for others, to do the work, to be able for the club to do more, done with so much joy and laughter in the heart, then this our world, our home will surely be a nice place to be.



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