My Rotary Journey: From Curiosity to Discovery

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LCP Mario T. Dionisio Jr.

My curiosity about the Four-Way Test Marker started off my Rotary Journey. I saw the marker almost everywhere and I began asking myself the questions written in those markers. For me, the questions were simple yet profound and beautifully crafted. As a Public Attorney and an Officer of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the questions resonated with me and the guiding principles I abide by in accordance with my oath as a lawyer.

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As fate would have it, sometime in 2019, I was able to read the Facebook post of one of my officemates. In that post, she was inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Manila South. I asked her about the organization and how I could possibly join. Her excitement propelled me into knowing more about the Rotary. I discovered that it was an international organization involved in civic and charitable projects, geared towards service to the community, and promotes inclusive fellowship. I started reading things online about Rotary. The more I read about it, the more curious I became as I found it as a potential avenue for me to widen my horizon of service which has been limited to rendering legal services to the indigent and marginalized sectors of society as a PAO Lawyer.

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After being invited to the Club’s regular meeting every Thursday, I further realized that the Rotarians lived by the ethical guides, written in that Four-Way Test, in their personal and professional relationship. I aspired to be like them and live an upstanding life as a person. And so, I religiously attended the weekly Club meetings and participated in the fellowship. Being part of the Rotary, thereafter, became a given. Thus, on July 11, 2019, I was inducted as an official member of the Club and the rest is history.

I am now officially the Life-Changing President (LCP) of the Rotary Club of Manila South. It all began with me being curious about the Four-Way Test Marker in the corner which bore questions that made a life-changing impact on me. This is the reason why my first order of business as an LCP was the installation of a Four-Way Test Marker located at the corner of Quirino and Singalong Streets, Malate, Manila. Similarly, I am hoping that the marker can catch the curiosity also of others and allow them to discover the beauty and the blessing of being part of the Rotary.

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