Kalingang Kapatid

Kalingang Kapatid

Kalingang Kapatid: Tulong Sa Mga residente ng Barangay Teacher’s Village West na nasalanta ng Bagyong Egay at Falcon

Grateful hearts and helping hands came together as we, the Rotary Club of Manila South and the Transformational Vox Populi Eagles Club, joined forces for a common purpose.
With unwavering dedication, we raised funds and distributed essential relief goods to the resilient souls affected by Typhoon Egay and Falcon.
Through storms and challenges, our unity shone bright, proving that together, we can bring hope and healing to the heart of Quezon City.
To our members and partners, your compassion and commitment inspire us all. Thank you PP James Jimenez for spearheading this project! ❤️
Thank you for being the rays of light in the midst of darkness. 🌟🤝🙏

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The Rotary Club Members were able to raise Php 30,000 for the relief operations of those afflicted by typhoons Egay and Falcon. These funds were received in full by our very own PP @James Jimenez .💕 PP James has purchased food items and other essentials and have facilitated the repacking of the same for distribution to our chosen community.

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