Distribution of T-Shirts , Slippers and Food Packs to Homeless/Street Dwellers

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In its continuing efforts to help the less fortunate individuals, the Rotary Club of Manila South, headed by its Life-Changing President Mario Dionisio Jr. drove down the streets of Manila and distributed T-shirts, slippers, and food packs to the homeless/street dwellers. The Club showed the importance and the value of helping, sharing, and giving which give impact to the community.
Ms. Pinky Eusebio, Ms. Jam Macapagal both of IBP Manila 1 Chapter, and Mr. Avan (a #ProjectLAYA beneficiary) joined and volunteered themselves in this endeavor. They said that they find fulfillment in helping others especially those who are poor and marginalized individuals.
There were 95 individuals including children who benefited from this project.

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The Club is aware that there are many people who are alone fighting not only this deadly Covid-19 virus but also battling demons driven out of poverty and helplessness, such as lack of food, clothing and proper shelter. Thus, RCMS members thought of helping them in any way that they can by distributing T-shirts, slippers, and food packs.
This Club Project is geared towards 2 of the 7 Rotary Areas of Focus, namely Community Economic Development, and Maternal and Child Health.

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