The Rotary Club Of Manila South is a product of a passionate aspiration of members of a very active club – The Rotary Club Of Bagumbayan-Manila (RCBM). Its territorial representation in the district Rotary Map is shared with the Mother club and covers the area bounded by Padre Burgos Street in the North, the bay area (Roxas Boulevard and the CCP Complex) in the West. Manila-Pasay boundary in the South, and the street of Angel Linao in the East.

It was conceptualized during the incumbency of PP Celestino G. Yokingko, then president of RCBM in RY 1983-1984. During the incumbency of PP Senyong Pascual an extension club committee was then created, chaired by an equally hardworking and brilliant Rotarian, Efren “Efren” G. Goño, a successful corporate lawyer. Then District Governor Juanito “Sonny” Ventura (RI District 3810) designated PP Ka Tino as his District Governor’s Special Representative (DGSR) to assure that the emerging club is well on its track.

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In the company of DGSR Ka Tino and Chairman Efren were Rotarians Angeles “Angel” R. Robis, Nicolas “Nick” C. Enriquez, and Ricardo “Rick” F. Argonza. These Rotarians responded with enthusiasm to the challenge of promoting the new club in the district and fanned out the tourist district, invited several community, business and professional leaders to their first meeting on June 13, 1986, at the Manila Hilton, now Manila Pavilion. Several formative weekly meetings ensued, confirmed and honored by notable Rotarian Speakers who delved on the Rotary movement. It was in one of these meetings that the core group finally decided to call themselves Rotarians of the Rotary Club Of Manila South. And few days after, on June 26, 1986, with the Rotary spirit running on fever pitch, the new club elected its first set of officers with Efren G. Goño as the Charter President. The new club was officially chartered on October 13, 1986.
Then, the daughter club of RCBM known as the Rotary Club of Manila South started its dynamic role and became one of the most active clubs of RI District 3810.

From the original five (5) members from the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan, the Club was chartered with 24 members and grew to 39 members strong during the Charter Year. The Charter was presented by District Governor Antonio “Tony” Rufino at the “Top of the Hilton” where the District Officers of RI District 3810 and the different Club Presidents of other Rotary Clubs were welcomed for the first time with the RC Manila South Welcome Song composed by Pp Ric Argonza and the Rotary Club of Manila South Theme Song composed by our pianist Ms. Petite Sarinas. These songs were rendered with the accompaniment of the JUSMAG FRIDAY Orchestra. Likewise the Gong and Gavel designed by Architect Member Nilo Villanueva and donated by Pp Bert Suansing of the Rotary Club of Intramuros and Pp Rey Cristobal of the RC Bagumbayan, was banged for the first time before the Governor and other officers of District 3810. The Club’s Philippine Flag and the Rotary International Flag donated to RC Manila South were prominently displayed at the “Top of the Hilton” during the said affair.

The Club invited several noted speakers during club meetings and dedicated one meeting a month for the Rotary Anns to handle with their own guest Speakers. The Club sponsored the first Rotary Information Seminar for District 381. The said Welcome Song and Club Theme Song were sung regularly during the weekly meetings. The weekly club Bulletin “PAGASA” was designed and came out regularly containing Messages from the Charter President, Club Secretary, Club projects, District affairs and “Where to Make up” containing the schedules of weekly meeting of other Clubs.

President Angeles “ Angel” R. Robis succeeded in the Rotary Year 1987- 1988 and continued with the weekly meetings of the Club. He dedicated many projects for the community where he continued with the Medical Dental missions in the communities in the Ermita areas near the Rotary Circle and several depressed areas in the community like those living in karitons and small openings in the walls near the Ramon Magsaysay building in the Roxas Blvd area.

In Rotary year 1988-89 – Pres. Nicolas “Nick” Enriquez assumed the presidency of the Club. The Club successfully hosted the District Assembly ’89 for incoming Governor Herman Gamboa with CP Efren G. Goño as the District Chairman. The two day affair featured learning sessions on the different aspects of Rotary, Sessions for the incoming Club Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers and all the Club Chairmen of the different Avenues of Service. Held at the prestigious Manila Hotel, music was provided by the famous Iggy de Guzman Orchestra for two days. The said affair showcased a one hour cultural show featuring Rotarians and Rotary Anns from Clubs in Manila, Makati, Pasay, Paranaque, Mindoro and the GSE Team. The said show was a ‘first’ In a District Assembly in the District produced by Ann Lita R. Goño dubbed as “The Philippine History through songs and dances. A theme song for District Assembly ’89 was specially composed and played by Iggy de Guzman Orchestra during the whole affair.

With his theme “ Happy Days are Here Again” Pres. Benedicto “Dick” Katigbak succeeded in RY 1989-90 where the Club became more vibrant with him at the helm. Fellowship cocktails with singers were featured before every meeting to drum up attendance and promptness among the members. Several interesting speakers were invited every meeting. Bumper stickers were produced for a Traffic Safety project and the Rotary Anns became more active and involved in the projects with the re-election of Ann Lita Gono as President.
In the RY 1990-91 Pres. Vicente “Vin D. Panganiban adopted the Club Theme “IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE” being a survivor of a quadruple bypass. He invited as Guest Speaker for his induction the popular comedian Dolphy who was a Survivor likewise. For the first time, the big Orchestra of a popular night club was allowed by its management to play outside and provided the music for our induction. The Rotary Year saw unprecedented donations to the Club and the Philippine General Hospital became a partner of the Club and received many donations and assistance from the club.

For the first time, the Club had a permanent office when Pres. Cesar “ Chaly” S. Arnaldo took over the leadership in RY 1991-92. Several office equipment were donated by Pp Chaly to the Club.

1992-93 – Pres. Eladio “Ely” S. Pasamba continued with the regular weekly meetings of the Club at the Holiday Inn.
In Ry 1993-94 – Pres. Ricardo “Rick” Argonza took over the presidency of the Club where the whole Rotary Year featured proceedings during club meetings where conducted in Pilipino language. The club was the only club in the district which did the same which received accolades from different Rotary District officers and Guest Speakers.

1994-95 – Alfonso S. de Guzman Being a Medical practitioner, Pres. Pons conducted several medical missions throughout the Rotary Year.

In RY 1995-96 Pres. Odelon “Nonong” T. Torres placed the club in the limelight by providing news releases every week in the metropolitan newspapers such as the Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Daily inquirer. This he did with his many contacts among Mediamen and through the help of a club member, Sammy Senoren who was connected with a leading newpaper as the assistant editor of the Daily Inquirer, sometimes hitting the headline for discussions of some Guest Speakers on some controversial issues or current happenings in the country. Pres. Nonong likewise reactivated the assistance of the Rotary Anns in the Club projects thru the elction of his Ann, Neneng Torres as the President of the RC Manila South Rotary Anns. The Club celebrated the birthdays of the members during home fellowship affairs.

1996-97 – Gerardo Thomas “Gerry” M. Atienza
Pres. Gerry improved the attendance of members though raffles of several items every week having been a successful businessman engaged in retail of many products in the Philippines.

10. 1997-98 – Jose L. Bico
11. 1998-2000 – Jose “Jojo” A. Baltazar
12. 2000-01 – Felizardo “Doy” DR Francisco
13. 2001-02 – Antonio “Tony” M. Mapalo
14. 2002-03 – Pedro “Pete” D. Genato
15. 2003-04 – John Hanna Assaf
16. 2004-05 – Herminigildo “Gil” DG Cance
17. 2005-06 – Petrus F Indrisie
18. 2006-07 – Jorge M. Pingol
19. 2007-08 – Roman Antonio “Roan” Lope
20. 2008-09 – Linda V. Heniel
21. 2009-2009 – Jimmy Mabacquiao

In the RY 2010-2011, Global President Felimon “Tutchi” Tutica Jr., was adjudged Most Outstanding Club President while the club was conferred the honor of Magna Cum Laude, translated as Most Outstanding club; Achievements in following years were likewise remarkably outstanding. The incumbency of Changemaker President Elena Melita “Milet” Chica-Lledo, who succeeded IPP Tutchi earned her the honor of Most Outstanding Club Presidency Award (2011-2012), the same honor bestowed to the club.
Then at the time of Peacebuilder President Richard “Ricky” Valdes (2012-2013), the club again gained the same distinction and PbP Ricky was bestowed the Most Outstanding President award. In this Rotary year, the Club was presented the prestigious 100% Sustaining Membership Award when all members were credited with $100.00 contribution to the Rotary Foundation realized through members collective efforts and principally by way of the Horse Racing Charity Event project of the club, a vision of PP Tutchi fulfilled through the sponsorship of Philippine Racing Commission. The Club’s weekly bulletin, the PAGASA finally drew notice when it was awarded one of the Most Outstanding Club Bulletin.
The quest for excellence was gaining speed that at the culmination of the tenure of First Class President Jessica “Jessie” Maloles (RY 2013-2014), the club grossed several awards of merit the most noteworthy of which is the First Class Award as Most Outstanding Club. Of record perhaps was the generous contribution of the club to the Rotary Foundation amounting to $9775.00 led by FCP Jessie’s $8,600.00 share that made RCMS one of the top TRF donors.
Again, the Club through the leadership of Best Class President Ray Dy-Reyes, geared-up on full speed for another checkered banner for the Rotary Year 2014-15. Hosted major District Activities- the Mid-year Review. Projects includes Dog Vaccination, Gift-Giving, Medical Mission to name a few.
In 2015-16 through the leadership of World Class President Jannett Concepcion-Valdes spouse of PP Richard Valdes, loaded with determination and passion for Rotary she accepted the challenge. Through her leadership the club participated in almost all minor and major District Activities- Hosted the TRF Grant and Stewardship Seminar, Alay Lakad 2015, and Early act District Assembly 2015. She initiated Club Service projects that enhances the lives of abandoned women and children through livelihood projects, free-vaccinations, dental and health care, book donations and gift-giving. The club earned the prestigious Most Outstanding Club- Gold, Most Outstanding President- Gold and RI Presidential Citation- Gold to name a few leading the Club as Number one Gift to the World.
In 2016-17 All Star President Cecilia Larita served best in enriching the lives of the poor, her one year feeding program in Zamboanga made the biggest impact during her term. Took home several awards and a big smile on her face as she completes her journey in serving above self as a Club President.
In 2017-18 with the theme “Making a Difference” Great President Evelyn Ritual made it all seemed easy because helping others is like a second nature to her. She accomplishes projects be it club or district with flying colors! One of her biggest project is the Medical and Dental Mission in Zambales which benefited more than 500 people. The club was awarded Most Outstanding Club President, Most Outstanding Club, the RI Presidential Citation plus other major and minor awards; Making our club one of the consistent top performing clubs in Manila and in the District.
In 2018-2019 Inspiring President Carlo R. Goño took the helm of the club being the 1st 2nd generation president of the club being the son of Charter President Efren G. Goño. Despite having no preparation due to the resignation of the Incoming President barely one month before the start of the term, he was able to accomplish a lot of projects that made a difference in the community like distributing 33 two-way radios to various barangays, monthly feeding at the National Center for Mental Health, Medical Missions, Day Care Center, Hosting the District Early-Act Assembly on Road Safety, Gift Giving, etc. Due to all his accomplishments, he was able to complete the Governor’s Challenge and the RI Presidential Citation. During the Awards Ceremony he was given 25 Governor’s Citation Award and 15 Special Awards. He also attended the Rotary International Convention held in Hamburg, Germany. Due to the sterling leadership he has shown he was later appointed as Assistant Governor for RY 2019-2020 under the leadership of District Governor Liza Elorde and later during the RY 2021-22 under District Governor Robert Koa.


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The RCMS logo takes the form of a goblet. It was inspired by the wishing well, a centerpiece of the Casino Espanol de Manila located at the center garden of the establishment.

The dominant shade is red which signifies the courage and sacrifices of the club.

  1.  At the top of the goblet is the crown to demonstrate the righteousness and glory of the Rotary International.
  2.  The vines in green designate life. They fringe the support bar that holds the Rotary logo.
  3.  The pail suggest optimism
  4.  The wishing well symbolizes hope for the needy.
  5.  The yellow riband bearing the name of the club expresses support and the solidarity of the members.



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